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Norfolk With Roger and Kathryn - 2014


It doesn't look like the photos went on any of the emails I sent and some emails didn't go at all, very frustrating, it was a brand new roll of sellotape too, I pinched my computer but it still didn’t cooperate As the images in my email didn't work I have included the email along with the above images, so that it all makes sence.

We gad a great four days in Norfolk with Roger and Kathryn.  They rented a cottage, well a small barn conversion, in a village in the middle of nowhere called Ringstead.  We were not far from the north coast, it too was brilliant.  Most of the houses in the towns, villages and hamlets were faced in flint, very picturesque, with pan tiled roofs, it was totally unlike anywhere I have ever been before and Rosie developed a Norfolk accent very quickly. 

Most days we went for a walk, visited a castle or church then a cafe then another village, went for a walk then a café, then another walk then another café, an idyllic existence.  We managed a couple of art galleries a walk along the beach, another café absolutely great, being retired is wonderful.

not sent

Computers are so naughty and so complex 
I could pinch them


Here Are The Photos That Should
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