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Lets Go Down To Ballantrae


Pink Teddy had a really good idea. "Lets go down to Ballantrae, they were there last week,
they might still be there."

She had a lovely pair of sun glasses, Harold the Spectacled Thrush
leant them to me for the day.

We Stopped at Lendalfoot


We stopped at Lendalfoot and would you believe it?
Pink Teddy ran straight to the Geo Cache, opened the box and ran
across the car park, she just forgot it was a secret.

Luckily there were no Muggles about so Pink Teddy didn’t give the
secret away.

Pink Teddy Ran Straight Down To The Boat


We stopped on the Green beside the harbour and Pink Teddy ran
straight down to the boat, but no Sophie; not even Sam or Alfie.

Pink Teddy Checked Out The Play Ground


After a bowl of potato and leak soup and an ice cream at the
Garden Centre Pink Teddy went to check out the Play Ground.

She saw Sam, Sophie and Alfie on it last week and they were
great but no luck today, she didn't see anyone at all but she did
have some fun.

Pink Teddy Caught A Star Fish


Pink Teddy decided to follow Sam's example and go out fishing.

She couldn't get on the Rachael Claire so she jumped onto the
'Sophie'. Pink Teddy didn't get the biggest fish on the boat, like Sam
did, but she did catch a Star Fish, his name was Patrick, just
like the Star Fish Sam caught at Tarbert.

Home Again, Home Again, Hip, Hip Horary!


Home again, home again, Hip, Hip Horary!

Pink Teddy wondered if Sophie was at home, then she saw Blue Teddy
waving. Hip, Hip Horary!

Sophie Let Pink Teddy Help Her With Her Painting


As a special treat Sophie let Pink Teddy help her with her painting
It is good to be back together, Pink Teddy even considered lending Sophie her cardigan.

Diary Cover