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'Twas a damp misty, murky start to the day.  On the beach, in the cover of the thick mist, a man was taking core samples, obviously checking the beach out for Fracking potential, a Russian submarine was seen to be moving across the bay and Zee’s imposter was out once again with her two wee dogs. 

Nip got his new binoculars out, imediately Gill rescued the 'really useful box' the binoculars came in, read the warnings and called out to Nip, ‘don’t look at the sun through the binoculars and don’t stand on explosives while using them’ some people just do not read the instructions. After checking that he was not looking through the fog at the sun or standing on explosives he put the binoculars to his eens just as a gust of wind blew in from the south, momentarily clearing the atmosphere just long enough to shatter our observations, the chap taking core samples was only looking for lug worms, unsuccessfully I may add and the submarine from the Baltic’s was no more than a lobster pot marker, a flag blowing in the brisk breeze but Zee’s imposter was still imposting. Much to our consternation Kevin McCloud, from the TV series ‘Grand Designs’ walked past our window. Nip told Rosie to take her glass eye out and open the other, this act revealed another imposter to add to our list just as the fog closed in once again.

Then some real excitement, we crowded round the picture window, a lady with her two kids and a dog were promenading along the beach when the man with the signs appeared – NO DOGS ALLOWED – he slammed the sign down and retrieved his clip board from his man bag but she foiled his cunning plan, she grabbed her pooch, gently cradled it in her arms and they took off running. The warden was dumb struck, this was not in his manual, he tried to improvise, he donned his bonnet, with the blue flashing light, pulled it right down on his bald pate and took off in hot pursuit across the golden sands, but then a more sedate idea came into his head, he stopped, took his bonnet off, put his clip board away and retrieved his brush and began sweeping the sand around the beach.

A rather gawky looking fly bobbed around the window once too often, Nip took a swipe at it a couple of times before it panicked and flew off shouting, to one in particular “I’m getting out of here before someone gets their leg broke”, unfortunately he flew into the wall on the other side of the hall and bumped his nose.  He should have read the notice:-

We drove through to Abersoch for lunch and visited every clothing outlet before observing Laura, Danny, Harvey and Freddie wandering up to the chippy closely followed by James and Nicola.

Woodlands Hall Hotel
On the outskirts of Edern, the middle of nowhere, 29 people in a convoy of vehicles swept into the car park. We took over their stage, tables and chairs were heaved about everywhere as we tried layout after layout, then we sent all the kids to the indoor playground area, it was brilliant, they loved it and so of course we had a terrible job trying to get them back into the dining area afterwards for their meals.  The poor waitresses were run off their legs as they brought in plates of food, more plates of food ad infinitum, but inevitably some meals were forgotten, well not too many, although Sophie, being one of those randomly chosen customers, would not agree with that statement however her Teddy Bears picnic did eventually arrived but with baked beans instead of peas, not that she particularly wanted peas, it was just easier to scrape them off.
Time marches on, tables were cleared as was the car park, our next goal was Aberdaron and James, Nicola, Polly and Danny’s place where “Drink the Tea Pot” turned out to be the game of the night, it was a very versatile teapot too, beer, wine and even vodka!

Woodland Hall Restaurant