Family Tree

Hopeman Boats

The Onward

On the way out to the fishing grounds just off Arran - Jeam Sutherland on the left

Net Over

The nets going over the stern. Jeam Sutherland on the port side


The Falcon, Another Hopeman Boat, the Dan is just about to go over.
Arran in the distance


Dan Away


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The nerve centre of any boat

Echo Sounder and just visible on the right is the Deca Navigator, 3 channel I think.

Radio, I used to be able to listen to the boats out in the Clyde on my radio

To the left is the Direction Finder, it picked up signals from Lighthouses.
Right of it is the Compass Housing, it let day light in from above and behind it was an electric light.

Gannets over the net



Bottles Surfacing


Gannets take advantage

Not a bad catch, there was a small Halibut
in amongst this catch.

James Sutherland

Hopeman Harbour


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