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Silver Darlings - After The Herring - 1960s
Integrity - Incentive - Avail


Pictures show how to get the job done. You can't move for paperwork these days.
The things that kept these men going was their love of the sea and hard graft.

John Shields - February 21

Fionn, these pictures are so dear to all of us who remember firstly the fishermen, and the boats, but most of all the way that Girvan evolved around the way of life of her fishermen with such respect, and love of community, which has all but gone now. Thanks again for posting. Happy, happy memories.

Kathleen Davey - February 20

Your pictures evoke many memories. I used to go to the banks on Saturdays, the fleet fished 6 days a week. Much of the catch was sold as pet food at very low prices. I remember scooping 100 baskets over the side when a limit of 20 was imposed by the skippers to try and raise the price. Our garden at Hervey Road was covered in trammel nets as my father prepared them for the fishing.

John Shields - February 27

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