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Recently I have been designing a Cold War Museum and my research has created new theories about the Cold War.

Yalta Conference in 1945

If you look carefully at image 1 taken at the Yalta Conference in 1945, President Roosevelt can be seen giving away Eastern Europe to Stalin but I have come across a rare photo where Stalin's hand can quite clearly be seen lifting The Gromet Plan - which was supposed to be for the rescue of Europe - from Roosevelts briefcase.

Alas Roosevelt was too sick to notice - que sera sera.




Moving on to the 1950s we can see that Khrushchev had major plans for Grommitski - but they failed to materialise.


Photo 3 show the 1960s when JFK stood at the Berlin Wall and said those immortal words:-
"Ich bin ein Gommitter"

which roughly translated means:-
I am a Land Rover Series III



Gromet Freed

In photo 4 the liberated Mr Gorbachev met with Ronald Reegan and agreed to free Gromet.

Now I can hear your mind ticking over - "So why has the UK had the Land Rover for such a long time?" Well, go back to Photo 1 and notice that supercillious smile on Churchill's face and that little mark by his hat.

My theory is that Churchill had already copied the plans for Gromet and had them under that hat!